Thirty Day Trial Challenge

Hi friends! As part of my never-ending quest to keep life interesting, I have decided to commit myself to learning a new hobby or skill every thirty days. By no means do I expect to achieve perfection in such a short amount of time – I am simply creating a systematic way for me to try new things that I otherwise would have never explored. To begin, I created a list of 50+ abilities that I want to achieve competence in.

Some are a bit silly, like practicing how to do the splits; others are meant to really challenge myself, like learning how to play scales on the flute. Ultimately, I am hoping that this challenge helps me find entertaining ways to spend my time, and that it also connects me with passionate people who are in various stages of their own skill development. Whether you’re a newbie like me, or an expert in your craft, I’d love to hear about which activities keep you going.

Stay tuned – my first Thirty Day Trial Challenge kicks off at the turn of the new year!

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