We’re lucky to have digital means by which to produce art. Manual forms of expression like painting, drawing, and sculpturing are extremely beautiful, but thankfully alternatives like photography exist for those of us who lack the dexterity to create with our hands. One of the things I like most about a photograph is that despite being a snapshot of time, it is a timeless representation of the world and the human experience. An organic picture will transport the viewer into the exact moment it was captured.

Yes, using a professional-grade camera requires some practice and skill, but we are all capable of recognizing a breath-taking moment when we see one. Because the product of photography is easily accessible by many, it is a popular artform that is featured on worldwide platforms like Instagram.  You may see pictures of the same place, but each will be from a unique vantage point with a different caption. If you’re looking for a way to introduce your own perspective of your experiences to the world, well, photography could be it.

Check out my Instagram here and a few of my own photographs below:

1. Up in the Air – Mt. Baldy, California.



2.  Artist’s Easel – Somewhere in Arizona, USA.



3. In Focus – The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.



4. Safe Haven – China Peak, Shaver Lake, California.



5. Weeping – Kawachi Wisteria Garden, Japan



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