Why You Should Try Wine and Paint Night

As if any of us ever needed an excuse to drink wine.

All jokes aside (wait…wine is never a joke), paint and sip parties have become a popular nighttime activity for any occasion. It is probably pretty difficult to find someone who hasn’t attended a wine and paint event at least once; however, if that someone is you, then keep reading! If you’re among the majority of us who have attended a wine and paint gathering and are interested in hosting one of your own, I’ll also tell you how to pull it off!

What is Wine and Paint Night Anyway?

I’m sure you’re wondering what is so appealing about painting with a group of strangers aside from the drinking wine part. Well, most people have testified that this experience can be enjoyed regardless of your skill level, making it an accessible way to nurture your artistic spirit! To summarize the itinerary for the evening, you’ll start off by meeting your group and instructor at a restaurant (I’d be willing to bet that it’s at your local Mimi’s Café) or possibly an art studio – if you’re fancy like that. The art leader will have selected a painting to help the group recreate step-by-step. It is pretty easy to follow along, as the instructor gives you plenty of time to complete each portion and sip your wine in between strokes. After all, let’s not forget the real reason why we’re here.

In my opinion, even those who are otherwise artistically inept are able to create something resembling the model painting. The environment is all about fun, and it really is a no-judgement zone. All supplies are included in the cost of admission, so all-in-all it should be a stress-free experience. However, the only downside is that wine or cocktails are usually a separate charge, although many places allow you to BYOB.

Sounds Fun, But What is This Going to Cost Me?

Generally a seat at most established and organized wine and paint nights will cost between $35-50. Remember, this includes supplies but usually NOT ALCOHOL.

Again, as is true for most popular activities in large metropolitan areas, I recommend searching for deals on Groupon. At the time of this post, admission to a wine and paint night in Los Angeles is being offered at $25.

Can I Do This at Home?

Absolutely! To host a Paint Night in the comfort of your own home requires some planning, but there are tools out there to help! For the simplest and most straightforward way to acquire all of the necessary supplies I recommend Social Artworking  as a one-stop-shop. They offer individually sold canvases, brushes, and paint, but you can also purchase a party package which includes all of these. They even provide various paint templates to choose from along with the instructions.

Of course, you can stop by your local Michaels or art supply store to get all of the necessary materials. There are various free YouTube tutorials which provide instructions for paintings of various difficulties; simply search “Paint Night at Home” and you’ll have so many options to choose from.

Whether you use Social Artworking or an art store to prepare for your at home paint night, here are additional things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have a large workspace, such as a floor or table, where you and your guests can comfortably spread out and paint.
  • Cover the work stations with a disposable tablecloth or sheet to avoid unwanted spills or damage to your home.
  • Provide everyone with a water cup, small paper plate for paint mixing, and paper towels.
  • Don’t forget the wine!

I’ve Tried Wine and Paint, What Else is Out There?

I get it, there are only so many times you’ll enjoy social painting before getting bored with it (or accumulating too many canvases). Here are a couple of other experiences that play off of Wine and Paint Night, but offer a little bit of a twist!

  1. Plant Nite – Um, what? Yes, plant nite is actually a thing. With the increase in people’s fascination with succulents and other desert plants, it’s no surprise that you can assemble and create your own arrangement to take home.
  2. Taste of Mosaics and Wine – Learn how to create colorful tile mosaics by hand! This is the most hands-on social art experience I’ve had – you select your own tile and focal point stone, which you break apart yourself with some fancy tools! I’m actually surprised our instructor allowed us to drink wine AND break things!
  3. There are so many other social art options out there – I’ve read about woodworking, calligraphy, candle making, and flower arranging workshops in Los Angeles alone! Look around your city for all of the options, pick one, and voila – you have an outing for a date, girl’s night, or any other occasion worth celebrating.



As part of my quest for hobbies and skills, I have taken up painting and sketching. I’m definitely not a trained or experienced artist, so it benefits me to believe that art is subjective and can be interpreted in many different ways by its audience. I find artistic expression to be very soothing, and my methodical approach to painting is a great outlet for stress and anxiety. Although normally I would feel insecure about sharing my creations with others, I think that challenging myself to do so would strengthen my connection to the world around me.

Feedback is always welcome, and I thank you for indulging my creative spirit! See below for a few samples of my work – I hope to look back on these in a few months as a measure of progress.

1. Drawing cartoon versions of heroes from the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) computer game.


2. Sketch of deer at Nara Park in Nara, Japan.


3. Painting of a bonsai tree and mountain view