If I could really commit myself to an industry and craft, it would be film. I know, I know – I have a completely separate part of my blog dedicated to careers and stuff, which unfortunately takes a more realistic stance on professional success. But hey, a girl can dream right? I certainly don’t envision myself being an actress; it is the thrill of visual storytelling which fascinates me. That includes screenwriting, cinematography, and editing.

I’ve tinkled a bit with free film editing software and have developed a few creations of my own for school projects, organizational promotions, and personal showcases. I particularly enjoy the combination of film and music, and aspire to one day build a library of home-made music videos of songs that speak to me. I’m definitely not expecting these to end up on MTV or anything; instead this is simply another way for me to express myself creatively and uniquely.

Please check out a video I made featuring the highlights of a recent trip I took to Japan. Instead of putting together a classic slideshow, I decided to turn the video footage I took during the trip into something a little more creative that I feel captures the essence and richness of this country’s beauty, culture, and history.

Song credit: Coldplay “Lovers in Japan”