You know that silly icebreaker where people ask: “if you were stuck on a deserted island, what are the three things you would have with you?” Aside from it being an unrealistic and somewhat lame prompt, it sometimes is grounding to think about the most important aspects of your life. For me, the answer to this question could vary depending on when you ask me, but an auto-include in my survival trifecta will always be music.

Music has been there for me during break-ups and other emotional periods of my life. There is something so healing about listening to your favorite song on repeat and savoring every word, every beat. Music is the gift that keeps on giving, no strings attached.

No matter what genre you prefer, music is a valid art form. I personally enjoy classic and alternative rock, while my sister loves hip-hop and rap. Despite that fact that our tastes are on the opposite sides of the spectrum, we have both been able to similarly express our personal experiences with music. Throughout my friendships and relationships, I have been exposed to country, electronic, metal rock, and yes – even classical – tracks. No matter the genre, I have been able to appreciate all types of music for its ability to invoke emotional responses among us all. Music really is the universal language.

Here is a link to one of my favorite songs ever, The Scientist. If you’ve heard it, try to find something new to appreciate. If you haven’t, try to connect with the lyrics and get lost in the melancholic beat.