It’s a big, big world. I wish I had infinite time and resources to visit every corner of the globe and share the beauty of life with people different than me. I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally to 18 different countries, but it feels like I’m only scratching the surface of the adventure that is out there. Over my years of traveling – both solo and with a companion – I have discovered many different tricks for frugal vacationing and itinerary planning.

Everyone has a different travel style. I personally like to make the most of my time abroad and pack my itinerary with as many activities as possible. I rarely spend more than one night in the same place so that I can optimize the area I cover. I am also more than willing to stay in budget accommodations with bare-minimum amenities – after all, I only really need a bed to sleep in. Still, I know other people like to travel slightly more luxuriously and enjoy a slower pace. While I prefer to see more atypical sights while on vacation, I know that others prefer to stick to city centers.  No matter what kind of traveler you are, I hope that the tools that I share on this page are beneficial in some way.

My most recent international travel experience was to Japan. For this vacation, I utilized sites like Skyscanner,, and Airbnb for transportation and lodging. Yes, these applications are pretty straightforward to use, but did you know that there are ways to maximize their various filters and search tools to find the best options for your trip? It is important to know, however, that for every good travel resource, there are more bad ones. Don’t get me started on Trip Adviser – I avoid it at all costs. Knowing how to conduct a basic Google search will often provide more information about a travel destination and its best sights than any streamlined travel website that focuses the attention of its users on the financial value of experiences rather than actual worth. Remember folks, the best information is free and comes straight from the horse’s mouth (aka the locals). These are some of the items, among others, that I’ll cover in more detail on future blog posts, so stay tuned!


My original photo captured at the island of Inis Mor in Galway Bay, Ireland.